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Choosing the best ceiling light for your home

Whether you call them ceiling lights, pendants, light shades or just the 'Big Light' selecting the right size, style and material is a serious decision which shouldn’t be taken, well, lightly!

Here's our lowdown on the hottest pendant lighting styles for any style home….


1. Industrial Style

Raw materials epitomise industrial style, and concrete is the hottest material around. From wall cladding, flooring and worktops; polished, raw or speckled, concrete is everywhere. So why not as an industrial concrete pendant light? Introduce this material into all elements of your home, including your lighting, to fully embrace this style.

Concrete Lighting Pendant

2. Shades of Metal

Okay, so you could argue metal falls into the industrial style too, but in the right context metal light shades can be contemporary, rustic, minimal, even Boho. Choose copper for warmth, steel for rawness, and metal cage lights for something a little quirky.

Metal Cage Pendant Light

3. Northern Lights

Wondering if it's time you jumped on the Scandi / Nordic / Hygge bandwagon? Well, there's a reason this style is so popular; clean lines and simple designs mean these lights will compliment any modern style home, whether you're going full Scandi lighting chic or just keeping it simple.

Contemporary Pendant Light

4. Think Big

Go big and bold and we promise your home will thank you. There can be no messing around here, take your light shades as large and over-sized as you dare to add a statement piece to a wanting room. Lucky enough to have high ceilings? Even better for showing off your 'bigger than big' light.

Oversized Ceiling Light

5. More is More

You know the old saying 'a little goes a long way', well, it's time for a refresh. Smaller pendants, when grouped together, make for one statement lighting arrangement. Cluster together or arrange in precise rows in twos, threes, fours….or even fives, it really is more the better! 


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