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Fluted furniture making

In 2020, as we sought to design and manufacture our now beloved ribbed furniture collection, a small family business well known to our quality control team was brought to our attention. Whilst they specialised in handmade, solid wood furniture as a whole, it was their fluted and ribbed furniture work that was gaining recognition in the industry. We knew we had to meet them, so we caught a flight out later that year to do just that.

What we saw impressed us to such a degree that we placed our first order by the end of the visit. Unlike most fluted furniture created by 'spindle moulding' MDF and glued into position, their fluting is crafted from solid wood and is hand-finished, giving each piece a level of character and quality that the former method cannot reach.

In November 2022 they opened their second factory and expand their business. It is fantastic to see their growth from such a humble family business; all of which wouldn't be possible without their impeccable attention to detail and quality. 

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Cynthia Alvarez

Cynthia Alvarez said:

I live in CA, USA 92868. I would like to purchase three of your Louis Gold Adjustable Bar Stool. How could I do that and how much would the shipping cost be?

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