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Hi there! 

I’m Steve, and back in 2016 with the help of my wife Abi, we founded Vaunt Design.

Being minimalists at heart, our aim was to create a design-led brand that truly encapsulated the Nordic aesthetic. The main goal was to curate a modest collection of well-made, original products where the designs spoke for themselves. We had one simple rule – no filler. There would be nothing found on the site that we wouldn’t be proud to place in our own homes - with each piece earning its rightful place in terms of design and quality.

The quest for our launch collection was on. Over a 2-year period we forged relationships with manufacturers and designers alike by visiting India twice, Vietnam, Paris, Copenhagen, Amsterdam, and Stockholm, not to mention endless tradeshows across the UK and abroad – phew!


India travelling


It was at this point in the process that we fell head-over-heels in love with our work. Pivotal, was this level of connection with our suppliers as it enabled us to develop and nurture relationships with our skilled and experienced craftspeople and we used that expertise to help us learn and progress. It wasn’t long before we had finalised our very first, in-house designed collection, most of which we proudly sell to this day. 


 Indian furniture manufacturers


Next came the hard work. With a modest income, we secured a pair of empty shipping containers that would act as storage for our items and, much to Abi’s displeasure, set up our packing station in the kitchen! We took university courses to study photography, studied books on marketing and online retail, and before long our dream became a reality when, on the 20th July 2018, we launched Vaunt Design to the world.


Photography shoot

To our surprise (and great relief), it wasn’t long before the business started to gain traction. We barely had time to unpack before we felt the need to expand to a larger warehouse, which we duly did in early 2019.

From then on, we doubled down on our own designs, further collaborated with designers across Europe, took on staff, and carefully expanded our product range staying true to the 'no-filler' ethos that brought us to this point in our journey.

Finally, we’d be remiss not to thank everyone who helped us get where we are today. To the friends who took time off to help us unload containers on cold winter days, to the family members who purchased items they probably didn’t want or need just to get us going – we salute you all.


Steve & Abi 


Steve and abi




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