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About us

Founded in 2017 by husband-and-wife duo Steve and Abi, Vaunt Design is the product of an unrelenting passion for Nordic-inspired quality homewares.

The pair have developed and nurtured fantastic relationships with incredibly skilled craftspeople from around the world, resulting in beautiful, hand-crafted creations that you won't find on the shelves of larger, mainstream stores.

Our products are for the individual who truly cares about who and where their products are sourced from. Products for the creative individual, looking for homewares with soul and a story that reflect their personality through the space they’re in.

It's in our opinion that true beauty in the home lies in stripped-back, organic design.

Our mission is to curate a thoughtful selection of ethically sourced, artisanal wares that everyone can enjoy.


Travel is an integral part of our business at Vaunt Design. By visiting the countries and meeting the passionate artisans and designers who skillfully craft our products, not only do we form stronger bonds with our partners, but it gives us a tangible connection with every item. 

That level of connection enables us to pre-determine and maintain quality levels of our entire range, and that crucial human contact empowers and inspires a more fluid design process.  


Amongst quality and unique design lies the third priority of ours, ethics. We love to visit our partners and see some of the fantastic work they do, not just in their work but for the community. 

Whilst sharing a car ride during one of our memorable trips in India, our partners said, "there comes a time in business when you realise the importance of giving back". They went on to build schools for the disabled and provided ongoing support to those less fortunate in their community. 

To find this level of both care and quality in a manufacturer takes work, but we’re confident you’ll feel the passion we have for these principles in the beautiful products we offer.