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Japandi Coffee Table

If you’re looking to buy a Japandi-inspired coffee table but aren’t sure where to start, this article is for you.

We love all things Japandi. This particular interior design trend is easy to spot and simple to replicate once you understand the key elements that make it unique.

Let’s take a look at how Japanese and Scandinavian styles combine to create beautiful, practical furniture, and which coffee table styles will look great in your Japandi living room.

What is Japandi style?

Travertine Coffee Table Set

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Combining the modern, minimalist Scandi trend with the functional elegance of Japanese design, Japandi is a subtly elegant aesthetic that’s been gaining popularity over recent years.

With lots of neutral tones, natural materials and layered textures, there’s a certain peaceful minimalism to Japandi design that makes a space feel pleasant and inviting, which is why it’s ideal for living rooms.

This style favours natural materials but isn’t afraid to add more industrial elements like concrete and dark metal to create a striking centrepiece to a room.


Japandi coffee table styles

Marble japandi coffee table

Normann Copenhagen

As a piece of furniture that combines elegant design with practicality, coffee tables are the epitome of Japandi style. Here are some of the key elements to look out for when choosing a coffee table style that embodies this sleek, functional aesthetic.


Low coffee tables

White marble coffee table

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The low coffee tables we’re accustomed to in the West are actually inspired by the Japanese tradition of sitting on the floor to eat and drink.

Honouring this heritage, Japandi coffee tables are often lower than the average style, measuring around 30–35cm from the floor. They make a space feel open and airy, and are perfect for putting your feet up.


Slatted wood coffee tables 

Japandi design employs lots of sustainable, natural materials like wood, using expert craftsmanship and a keen eye for detail to make the most of the colour and grain of the wood.

Inspired by traditional Japanese building design, slatted wood tabletops create a sleek, elegant and contemporary look that adds texture and intrigue without being too ornate.


Pale wood coffee tables

Pale wood coffee table

SHOP - Baldr Coffee Table


While dark wood is prevalent in traditional Japanese styles, Scandinavian interior design favours light wood.

Unstained oak, ash and other pale woods are popular for Japandi coffee tables. This allows the natural materials to speak for themselves and creates a light, calming atmosphere.


Japandi side table styles

A Japandi-inspired side table is a great way to add more useful surfaces to your living room without taking up too much space. This helps to preserve the minimalist vibe that’s key to getting this style right.


Fluted side tables

Fluted side table

SHOP - Olavi Fluted Side Table


Whether made from concrete, earthenware or wood, a fluted or ribbed side table is the perfect piece of furniture to elevate your Japandi living room, adding texture without detracting from the clean lines that are essential in Japandi interior design.

Often circular in shape, they can be short and stocky for a robust feel, or tall and thin, creating a luxurious plinth-like piece of furniture to display vases and ornaments.


Rustic wood side tables

Rustic wood side table

SHOP - Hedvig Rustic Stool


As well as the smoother, more structured approach to natural materials, rustic wood also has its place in Japandi design.

Drawing inspiration from wabi-sabi, a Japanese concept of accepting the transient nature of things and finding beauty in imperfection, side tables crafted from rustic wood, tree stumps and driftwood are perfect additions to a Japandi living space.


How to accessorise a Japandi coffee table

Once you’ve chosen the perfect Japandi coffee table, you might like to add a few accessories to turn this piece of furniture into a design feature.

Coffee table books

Japandi coffee table walnut

 Coffee table books are a great way to add style to your coffee table and create an inviting atmosphere.

As a nod to the Japandi style, pick up a few books connected to Japan, Denmark, Norway or Sweden. Landscape photography, recipe books and fashion magazines from these countries are all great options.



Overdoing ornaments and trinkets can spoil the minimalist feel that the Japandi trend hinges on. Pick a few key pieces to avoid cluttering the tabletop.

Scandi vases in neutral colours, Japanese-style teacups and teapots, and layered textures like wood, linen and natural fibres will all look at home on your Japandi coffee table.



Black Coffee Table


Japandi coffee tables are often low, so they can accommodate plants without disrupting your sightlines.

Dial up the Asian inspiration with a Japanese peace lily, orchid, bamboo or even a bonsai tree. For a low-maintenance option, succulents look great all year round, or you might like to consider picking out a few high-quality artificial plants.


Japandi coffee tables: Our final thoughts

Japandi Coffee Table

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The key aspects of a Japandi coffee table are the low height, natural materials and minimalist design.

Whether you prefer the more Scandinavian-inspired designs that favour sleek lines or the rustic Japanese wabi-sabi approach, there’s a Japandi coffee table to suit your tastes.

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