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Indoor Arches Interior Design

In some form or another, arches have been a popular feature of architectural design for thousands of years. From the Colosseum of Rome to the Gateway Arch of St Louis, there’s no end to the creative and structural ways architects have incorporated this shape into their work.

Following a trend towards sleek, minimalist interiors, modern buildings have tended to shy away from arches, instead opting for plain walls, rectangular doorways and open-plan spaces. However, indoor arches are making a comeback, particularly in the popular Scandi and Japandi trends that have emerged over recent years.

Let’s take a look at some of the ways you can incorporate arches into your home’s interior design for a modern take on a classic form.           

Interior doorway arches

Doorway arch

Arch Daily

Whether building from scratch or renovating your home, consider replacing some of the doors with interior doorway arches.

Open archways are a great way to link two rooms together instead of separating them, creating a sense of open plan living. This is particularly appropriate for Scandi-inspired designs, as it makes the space feel calm, relaxing and uncluttered while still being cosy, offering perfect hygge vibes.


Install an arched alcove

Arched alcove

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Arched alcoves are both attractive and functional, offering a recessed space for shelving, console tables and cosy armchairs that looks beautiful when painted a contrasting colour.

If you don’t have one already, you can actually install an arched alcove yourself pretty quickly and easily. This gives you the flexibility to decide the height, width and depth of the alcove to make sure it’s perfect for your chosen use.

Painted arch accent wall

Arched wall decals


A really simple yet striking way to add arches to any space is by creating a DIY painted arched accent wall. It’s a versatile option that allows you to be as bold or subtle as you like, and can be easily painted over when it’s time for a change.

Try painting multiple arches in a variety of colours in your chosen palette to create eye-catching abstract artwork to draw the eye, or opt for a more toned-down approach by painting a single arch behind a sofa, bed or shelving unit.

If painting isn't your thing, various retailers are also jumping on the arch bandwagon selling complete arched decals. Much easier and cleaner! 

Add an arched folding screen

Arched Folding Screen

SHOP - Freja Arched Folding Screen

An arched folding screen is an inexpensive, non-committal option to incorporate arches into your interiors without the need for construction or renovation.

Folding screens are the perfect addition to a Japandi design project, channelling traditional silk and paper Japanese byobu screens. As well as being an attractive design piece in its own right, a screen is a great way to add privacy to a room or separate larger spaces into individual zones. You can also position it against a wall for additional texture and decoration.

Arched furniture and accessories

Arched hanging shelf

SHOP - Boe Arched Hanging Shelf

Along with architectural elements, arches can be added into your interior design through furniture and accessories. These items can be easily moved around or swapped out to suit your changing tastes and the evolving Japandi and Scandi styles.

Here are some of the most suitable pieces to incorporate arches into any room.

Arched coffee and side tables

Beige Arched Side Table

SHOP - Triomphe Arched Side Table

Adding a few small tables is always a great way to implement any design aesthetic while also offering functionality. Pick a coffee or side table with arched metal legs, or look for curved sculptural pieces. Even circular or fluted furniture can help to embody the indoor arch, and can be found in a variety of materials to complement your style.

Arched console tables

A console table is another practical addition to any room, offering a usable surface without taking up too much floor space. There are some beautiful arched designs available, including architecturally inspired statement pieces that bring to mind Roman aqueducts and viaducts.

Arched mirrors

Black Arched Bathroom Mirror

SHOP - Jager Arched Mirror

Using mirrors to make a room feel larger is a well-known trick of the trade in interior design. An arched mirror can enhance this by giving the illusion of an additional window or doorway. Whether you opt for one large mirror or a few smaller ones grouped together, it’s an easy way to incorporate the architectural arch feel without any DIY.

Arched cabinets and cupboards

Black Arched Rattan Cabinet

SHOP - Bjarni Arched Cabinet

Similarly, an arched cupboard can mimic the look of a doorway, giving the impression of more space even though you’re adding a piece of furniture to the room. The soft, rounded arch helps to make larger cupboards feel softer and less imposing, even if they have wooden doors.

Final thoughts on indoor arches

Indoor arched doorway


Whether you’re looking to create a vintage-inspired design or a modern, Scandi space, indoor arches are a versatile choice for just about any interior design project.

Along with the traditional architectural elements that most likely springs to mind when you think of arches, the sleek, rounded shape can be found in a variety of furniture and accessories for a simple way to incorporate this design element in a way that suits your individual style and tastes.

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