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10 Ways to Create a Soft Minimalism Interior

What is Soft Minimalism?

There are a few key design elements to the soft minimalism style. The intention is to keep a space feeling light and airy, with minimal clutter and intentionally sourced pieces. You want to create a feeling of tranquility and peace. Lighter colours and tones are usually preferred, with delicate textures and organic forms. Minimalism doesn’t have to be boring – follow these 10 steps to create a soft minimalistic space that you will find interesting and captivating.

Soft Minimalist Decor



The Perfect Soft Minimalism Colour Palette

Aim to create a cohesive look and feel for your home using tones of soft warm neutral colours. This will create a relaxing and inviting feel to your space. A colour palette to consider is browns, beiges and warm tones of cream. Apply these to your wall treatments, furniture and accessories to create a harmonious and flowing atmosphere to your interior. Using similar tones and shades will help keep the focus of simplicity for your space.



Wood Colours and Textures for Soft Minimalism

When creating a soft minimalist space you want to choose a wood  with a noticeable grain and texture. Great examples of this are Walnut, Oak and Ash. All these woods exhibit visually appealing tones and textures as they all have noticeable grains. Try and stick to one type of wood to ensure the theme flows throughout your space. Opt for using pieces with simple shape structure and clean lines to emphasise the soft minimalist theme you are aiming for.


Travertine Coffee Table

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Look to Nature

Using nature for inspiration has been a method designers have used for decades. Using organic shapes and structures can enhance any interior space. Bring the feel of nature inside with choosing furniture pieces with flowing structures such as curves or irregular shapes. Using natural shapes and textures will help you to create a visual interest within your interior and help to create a feel of simplicity and calmness.


Organic Minimalist Interior



Paper Lighting and Minimalistic Design

The use of mood lighting can totally transform the feel of a space. Paper is a natural yet beautiful material to use for lighting. Paper lamp shades create a soft diffused glow which creates a cosy and homely feel for any space. Paper is versatile and can be crafted into many shapes and lots of companies create beautiful organic structures in their lighting designs. The use of harsh overhead lighting will do you no favours – opt for lampshades that will diffuse the light and use lamps dotted around your space to create warmth and a relaxing atmosphere.


Minimalist Paper Light



Jute, Jute and more Jute

Jute is a very popular material in soft minimalistic interiors and is very on trend. Jute is an organic natural fibre which exhibits interesting textures and colours. It can be crafted into many shapes, and can be used almost anywhere in a space. From baskets and rugs, to cushion trims and wall hangings. Adding this soft delicate texture will enhance any space and bring a sense of warmth, earthy nature and calmness.


Minimalism Warm Interior



Floristry Ideals

You don’t need to be a florist or an expert in plant care to bring the outside in. Many companies now offer realistic faux flowers and foliage or you could opt for real dried out flowers or stems such as fan favourites – eucalyptus stems, dried tree branches or pampas grass. These delicate stems add structure to any interior. They also give a warm and inviting texture and relate back to using organic structures.


Minimalist Coffee Table Decor



Soft Minimalism Sculptural Accents and Accessories

The use of sculptural accents will elevate any minimalistic interior space. There are so many options on the market for beautiful stoneware, vases, glassware and sculptures. Try to opt for accents with similar tones to your space, but opt for different textures and hues. Try adding dried stems to a new vase, or make a new centrepiece with an organic sculpture. Consider using wood, stone, glass and ceramics.


Minimalist Sculptural Decor

Still Serenity 

Layering Adds Depth

Add warmth and depth to your space by layering your accent pieces. Try a curated book stack on a coffee table with a vase on top, or maybe a textile throw placed over a sofa with cushion placed on top. The juxtaposition of textures and tones will elevate your space and give it a cohesive look. If you choose tones and hues from the same colour palette you will add depth and dimension to any minimalistic space.


Minimalist Interior Textures

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Less is More

One of the key design elements for soft minimalism is not to overwhelm. Less is definitely more. Carefully consider what pieces you want in your home. Invest in a few timeless pieces that will grow with you and your space. Aim for pieces where you feel you have an emotional connection, or that give you a sense of peace.


Soft Minimalist Hallway



In conclusion, a neutral warm palette and natural accent pieces will help you to create the soft minimalist look. Investing in a few key furniture pieces that are sure to stand the test of time is a must. Pieces that you connect with and that can grow with you and your interior. Opt for timeless designs that you can use in many different ways. Design is always evolving and there are many ways to restyle your pieces. Keep your interior exciting by switching out your smaller accent pieces or move them around your space to keep a sense of interest.


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