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Colour Drenched Dark Blue Hallway

Introduction to Colour Drenching 

The world of interior design is constantly evolving. One latest design trend which has hit the scene recently is colour drenching. This technique is proving popular with interior designers and homeowners alike with its striking and captivating approach.

The technique involves saturating a room in one single colour or a colour palette of very similar tones and hues to provide a dramatic and cohesive visual impact. But how do you colour drench and why is it now so popular? Let’s explore the technique in more depth. 



What is colour drenching?

Colour drenching is a bold design process that centres around the idea that you use one dominant colour to saturate the space. You can also use multiple co-ordinating colour shades in the same colour palette.

This process allows you to be bold and to be able to inject personality into a space. Colour drenching is daring and adds depth and drama to any interior. This is a great way to make a powerful statement and instantly transforms the feeling and aesthetic of your interior space.


Colour Drenching Hallway


Why would you colour drench a hallway?

Your hallway is the first visual you see of your home. Imagine walking through your front door into a dramatic, bold, and adventurous interior. This is the perfect way to instantly make a statement.

The hallway is an often-overlooked area of the home, but it needn’t be. Treat this space like you would any interior. Add your own personality and sense of style which will then flow to other areas of your home. Your hallway often features architectural accents that can be emphasised such as door frames, staircases, or mouldings.

By colour drenching your hallway you are creating a memorable impression which then sets the tone for the rest of your interior. This provides a sense of intrigue and anticipation for what lies beyond.



Does Colour Drenching make a Hallway look bigger or smaller?

It is often misconceived that painting a room all one colour will make it feel small and claustrophobic. Whilst a darker colour can make a room feel more intimate and enclosed it doesn’t have to make the space feel smaller.

When done thoughtfully, dark colours can actually enhance the sense of space – especially when blurring the lines between the skirting boards or ceilings. By painting all one colour you eliminate the visual boundaries of the walls, floors and ceilings to create a seamless flow of colour throughout that enhances the sense of space, regardless of the size of the hallway.

If you choose to go for a lighter colour palette, this will work to reflect the light to help the Hallway feel more expansive and open.



What are the most popular colours for colour drenching?

Whilst you can choose whatever colour you desire for colour drenching, favourite colour palettes have emerged in design trends. Some popular colours are deep emerald greens and rich blue tones.

The beauty of colour drenching is that you can choose whatever colour suits your personality, and your individual style in your home. Darker colours tend to radiate elegance and a sense of luxury.

Softer more lighter colours can give the sense of peacefulness, tranquility and calm. Only you can make the decision on what works best within your home. Choose a colour that resonates with your personal taste and style.


Dark Blue Hallway 


What rooms work best for colour drenching?

The beauty of colour drenching is that is itsn’t limited to only certain rooms within your home. You can apply this technique to any interior space.  Designers have favoured focal points of the house which include living rooms, dining rooms and bedrooms.

Places where people gather, or spend a lot of time work very well. It’s a great way to make an impact so makes sense to use it in spaces where you will spend time so you can fully enjoy the ambiance you have created. Be sure not to overlook smaller more cozy spaces such as a home office, or a bathroom.

It is easy to create an intimate inviting space on a smaller scale which will in turn provide you with an inviting and exciting atmosphere without totally overwhelming the senses.



How to style a colour drenched hallway

Try to select complimentary furniture pieces and accessories which work with your bold colour scheme. Adding different textures and forms to any space will add interest and depth. Different textures of wood, soft furnishings and ceramics are an ideal way to inject some personality and warmth into your space.

Add complimentary tones to prevent a colour clash. More simplistic furniture and shapes will work very well as to not to detract from the impact of the colour drenched walls. If your Hallway is dark and dramatic select some lighter colour furniture to add contrast and prevent it being lost against the background.

Add a rug or runner to the floor to add comfort and texture. Adding mirrors to the walls will give the illusion of more space and light. Don’t forget those personal touches to reflect the personality you have already injected into the space.



Will Colour Drenching go out of Fashion?

Colour drenching as with anything is subject to current design trends. Whilst its popularity may change over time, the fundamental aspect of using colour to create an impact will forever be timeless.

Colour has been an integral part of any design process for many years, and will be for many more to come. There is no better way to reflect your own personal style or emotions than with creating a space that resonates with you.

Colour drenching may not remain at the top of the interior design trend list, but its use and impact within interior design will be something that lasts the test of time.


Green Colour Drenching


In conclusion, Colour drenching is more than just an interior design trend. It is a statement, a way of life. There is no better way to reflect your own personality than being creative with colour. Colour drenching allows you to transform your space to truly reflect who you are.

Be sure to express yourself through the means of colour and be fearless with your design choices. Whether you are using bold, moody tones to create a dramatic and elegant feel, or toned down muted tones to create a space of tranquility and ethereal quality, colour drenching will enhance any interior space and allow your home to come to life with personality, colour and individual style. 


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