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Scandi Table Setting

If you’re a fan of the Scandi interior design trend, you might be looking to incorporate it into your dining room. While furniture plays a large part in creating a certain aesthetic, it’s the attention to detail that really makes a difference. By carefully styling your tableware, you can create a Scandinavian table setting that will take your look to the next level.

Scandinavian design has been growing in popularity outside the Nordic countries since the 1950s. Instantly recognisable for its calm yet welcoming minimalism, lack of clutter and affinity for modern materials, there are plenty of opportunities to add beautiful and functional Scandi elements to your dining table.

Stick to Scandi colours

The Scandinavian palette is full of understated, neutral colours, helping to create a calm, peaceful space. However, while white, brown, cream and grey are particularly common tones, you don’t need to shy away from colour completely to nail the aesthetic.

Add accent colours

Colourful table setting


To avoid things feeling too bland, incorporate a little colour throughout the room. Blue, green, pink and mustard all complement the Scandi style, although you should be careful to choose muted accent shades rather than bold colour pops.

Keep your palette simple

Don’t inject too many different colours into a single space. The great thing about creating a Scandinavian table setting is that you can purchase a variety of accessories in different colours to mix and match whenever you fancy.

Choose Scandinavian tableware

Rustic Scandinavian table setting

My Scandinavian Home

As well as being useful to actually eat, drink and serve meals, a Nordic crockery set is a great way to accessorise and add personality to the room. Here’s a quick guide to what you should keep an eye out for when looking for Scandi-inspired tableware.

Elegant functionality

One of the key elements in creating a Scandinavian dining room is ensuring that each piece is practical and functional. Rather than opting for purely decorative pieces, choose high-quality, beautiful tableware that is a joy to use.

Scandinavian tableware set

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Minimalist cutlery

Another way to incorporate the stylish yet practical feel of the Scandi trend in your table setting is by opting for minimalist cutlery. Think stainless steel, clean lines, gentle curves, wooden handles and no unnecessary ornateness.

Fluted glassware

Fluted glassware

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Fluted or ribbed designs are a popular addition to any Scandinavian space, adding texture and drawing the eye without being overstated. You can tie this into your Scandinavian table setting with the addition of fluted drinking glasses, or a sculpted vase centrepiece.

Rustic tableware

Look for pieces that are handmade and unique, adding a little rustic variety to make your place setting feel more homely and welcoming. Earthenware plates, bowls and mugs with organic forms and imperfections embrace the natural feel of the Nordic design trend.

Rustic tableware

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Play with layers and textures

Combining a variety of textures within the space not only adds tactile appeal, but also creates a more interesting visual experience.

Add softness with Scandi placemats and napkins

Scandi placemats

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It can be easy to overdo minimalism and end up with lots of hard, harsh textures. A Nordic-inspired table setting should embrace softness as well, but remember that the Scandi trend is all about function as well as style. Napkins and cloth placemats are both great ways to incorporate textiles to break up the lines and make things feel more homely.

Layer your place settings

The secret to creating an authentic-looking Scandinavian table setting is layering. Whereas Scandi layering in the living room could mean combining throws, cushions and rugs, the dining room calls for tablecloths or runners, multiple placemats, and stacked crockery.

Keep textures rustic

Draped tablecloth


Rougher, more natural fabrics are great choices for Scandi table linen. Drape your table with an organic, unbleached cotton or calico tablecloth, accessorised with a hessian or hemp runner. A crinkled tablecloth creates additional texture and will avoid things looking too strict and studied.

Opt for natural materials

One of the most important concepts in Scandi design is the use of natural materials. As well as creating a sense of calm, this makes for a more environmentally friendly approach to your décor. When choosing placemats for layering, look to incorporate cotton, bamboo, rattan and wood, and opt for rustic, natural or distressed forms.

Add a few accessories

Accessories are a great way to evoke a certain design aesthetic, and can be the perfect finishing touch to your Scandinavian table setting. However, when evoking the Scandi style, be careful not to overdo it. Select a few key pieces and avoid cluttering the space.

Plants and greenery

Grey table setting


A few carefully selected plants will add a natural feel to your dining table. Simple, leafy varieties look particularly at home in Scandi-inspired rooms. Opt for large leaves, trailing vines and delicate leaf patterns rather than busy florals, and choose understated, minimalist pots. For a more sultry, monochrome look, choose faux sprigs and plants in blacks and greys. 

Tall candlesticks

The elegant length of tall, thin candles adds a sophisticated feel while helping to create an inviting atmosphere. Pair neutral white and cream candles with holders made from wood, glass, marble and metal, or use these accessories as a chance to inject a little colour.

Our final thoughts on creating a Scandinavian table setting

Charcoal Tableware

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If you follow these steps, you’ll be well on your way to creating the perfect Scandi-inspired table.

Minimalism, functionality, layering and natural materials are the most important elements to consider, but don’t worry about straying too far from your Nordic inspiration. The best table setting is one that you enjoy, so remember to have fun with it!


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