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13 Quirky Home Décor Ideas You Need To Try

Sometimes it can feel like a real struggle to break the mould when it comes to quirky home décor ideas. We get it – you want your home to stand out from the crowd with eye-catching features and unique pieces to impress your visitors, but your creative flair seems to be taking a time-out. With new-build, beige box-rooms on the rise; it seems everyone is looking to break away from the norm and find those treasured pieces and unique home accessories that make your friends swoon. Well, look no further, as we’ve come up with thirteen simple quirky house ideas that will add some much-needed originality to your home style.

Gold Wire Ceiling Light

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Dare to be different, and seek out unusual materials. By opting for unrefined textures and raw materials usually found outside the home, you’ll effortlessly create a contrast that stands out from your everyday look. The industrial trend easily incorporates this quirky home decor look, using wire mesh, raw concrete and stripped back metals to make a statement.  This can also be applied to walls, floors, ceilings, with a plethora of options available from roofing tiles, metal ceiling tiles, and wood panelling.

Grey Jute Baskets


Quirky homes can be cosy homes too, and the best way to achieve this whilst also hitting your ‘quirk quota’ is to play around with your fabrics. For a relaxed style that suits practically every home and a simple one to get you started, go back to basics by introducing rustic and natural materials to each room. Keep the look chic by choosing jute, seagrass or woven wicker, which will adapt perfectly to the overall ambience of your room. For those a little braver, mix and match fabrics and don’t be afraid to go retro – yes we’re talking velvets, faux furs, and cord.

Concrete hanging wall clock


Whatever your desired interior style, don’t be afraid to use multiple trends to accentuate your originality. Blend a subtle mix of vintage, Scandi, and industrial looks to really show off your individual flair. Mid-century modern and low-key industrial pieces can really help to style a quirky dining room.

Black Faded Area Rug

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Why be a wallflower when you can stand out from the crowd? Express your true colours and don’t be afraid to be different with your paint palette. Gone are the days of magnolia in a choice of matte or gloss, there are hundreds of options available to help unleash your quirky side. How about metallic finishes, suede textures, concrete look and stone effect paint? Walls, ceilings, floors and furniture can all be transformed…the possibilities are endless.  

But what if you're a white wall kinda person and don't like the idea of a living room dark wall for fear of enclosing your space - no problem. Hit up your floors with a boldly toned area rug with an eye-catching pattern to inject a little quirky character to your living space. 

Lincoln Metal Mirror


It’s often too easy to concentrate all your efforts on sourcing quirky home décor for only one or two rooms, but to truly boast your creative flair throughout your home, it’s best to add a touch of understated character to every corner of the house. Modernize your storage by adding some simple yet quirky bathroom décor to your space. Industrial metal mirrors or wooden towel racks work great and add a unique look to your décor.


White Stoneware Mugs and Plates


Good food deserves good tableware, so why not use quirky home accessories to bring a refined look to your dining area? Start with a distinctive everyday piece, such as an eye-catching teapot or fruit bowl, and build up the collection from there. Hosting your meals at home has never felt so great!


Quirky décor is all about being inventive, and this applies to functionality too. Be imaginative when scouring eBay and use items for something other than what it was intended for. How about an old sewing machine table for a washstand or an old copper bowl for a sink?

Similarly, don’t be in a hurry to dispose of leftover food and drink packaging before considering ways to feature it into your own interior style. An empty gin bottle can be re-imagined as a unique vase, and a retro biscuit tin can be used as storage for loose items. And the best part, what better excuse to get working your way through copious bottles of the good stuff?! 

Concrete Pendant Lights


Probably the most functional of all the quirky home products you’re currently lusting after, a unique ceiling light or table lamp really does set the mood in your home, and the options are endless. Opt for a cosier style by accessorising your room with unique lamps, or go big with an oversized pendant. Again, materials are key here and there are a plethora of quirky pendant styles to choose from, with antique brass, nickel, concrete, wood and wire mesh shades.

Copper counter stool

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For a chance to get stuck in and really create something original, why not have a go at upcycling some uninspiring old furniture? Dusty, old sideboards, inherited drinks cabinets, and wobbly, unloved chairs are big favourites for newbie up-cyclers, but the options really are endless – it’s all down to you. Yes, this idea requires a little more time and effort, but we can guarantee the results will leave you with a one-off design to boast about for years to come!

If time or lack thereof is a factor like for so many, we have a range of unique furniture pieces that are just as good here

Concrete side table

Hodi Concrete Side Table


Is there a better compliment to receive than ‘Where did you get that from?’ If you really want to add quirky homewares to your collection that are bound to cause a stir, you need to style them like a pro and let them take the centre stage. It sound’s obvious, but there’s no point carefully selecting those statement pieces then hiding them behind a shelf full of clutter. Make sure they are the centre of attention in your home by placing them on a pedestal in the most social areas for maximum impact.

Quirky home accessories - Glass lanterns


What defines normal anyway? By looking at your quirky home accessories from a different angle, you can really play around with the overall vision for each room. Some of the more quirky home décor ideas are found by introducing everyday objects with a dimensional twist. We love the idea of wonky vases, ladders and slanted glassware to add a new focal point to any room. 


What’s the famous saying…if you’ve got it, flaunt it? If you’re lucky enough to have a home with original features, think cornicing, ceiling roses, decorative panels, old floorboards - make the most of them. Bring them back to life or paint them a contrasting colour and they are sure to be the center-piece of an unusual home style. Or, if you can’t retain historic features, add them yourself (or get a professional to do it for you).


We couldn’t publish a list of quirky home décor ideas without rounding off with one of our much-loved ways to decorate your home: the classic assembly of wall art. The possibilities here really are endless, and an extensive trawl through numerous print shops will undoubtedly result in at least one new purchase to adorn your walls. But remember, the quirky home owner’s picture wall is not limited to just prints…oh no! They also use stencils, wallpaper, metal sculptures, text and neon signs to create their ‘wow’-wall.

So, there you have it: thirteen quirky home décor ideas to style up your home. Which ones will you invest in first? We’d also love to hear more about how you’ve made your own home more unique – leave us a comment below!

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