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Kicking back with the Homebirds

With a thriving Instagram account of nearly 35k followers, a new joint interior design venture and an ever-popular blog over at, 2019 is set to be a huge year for the Nottingham based interior lovers.

As one of the very first Instagram accounts we fell in love with and named in our “10 emerging interiors accounts to follow on Instagram in 2019", we thought it was high time we sat down for a chat with Laura and Emma, and to dig a little deeper into the lives, motivations and aspirations of the ambitious duo.


VD: Sorry for the overly obvious first question, but, what was the spark that got you guys interested in interiors?


HB: We’ve always had that love for interiors, even when we were young, but we truly realised it was something we wanted to pursue once we both bought our first homes. Both homes were projects, so we had to get creative from the get-go and it was then we started to truly realise the passion we have for interiors.

Homebirds kitchen


VD: We love the fact that _Homebirds_ is a joint account, it’s something you don’t see that often and it works so well! How did this come about?


HB: (Emma) We’ve been friends since we were kids, but, it was me that started an account first a couple of years ago called lifeatnumber5. Laura followed suit shortly after and we continued on our own for a good six months until a friend of Laura’s helped us launch the blog. At that point, It felt it only natural to join accounts and continue as one. We directed each of our followers towards the new account and blog and the rest, as they say, is history.


VD: How would you best describe your style?


HB: (Emma) We’re asked this all the time and it’s always tough to define. Eclectic is a good word to use as we like to keep up with current trends wherever possible, but I think moreover we love traditional, characterful spaces that we can apply our own contemporary twist too.

(Laura points to a restored chest of drawers near where we are sitting) This is a great example. It’s an old, unwanted £40 purchase from a florist. It’s amazing what a little creativeness and lick of paint can produce. We love pieces with a story!

Homebirds Bedroom 

In shot - Quoc hand-carved towel ladder, white

VD: Furniture or accessories, what are your 3 favourite pieces in your home?


HB: (Emma) I’ve totally ripped off Laura’s off design here, but my favourite would have to be my main kitchen light. We came up with the design and my Husband made it. I think anything handmade by yourself is always going to hold a certain specialty in your heart. I also love my window seat which we built ourselves also. Oh, and my HOMEOFBOHO cushions!

Homebirds Kitchen lighting

(Laura) Firstly, there’s the print of a Crane by Graham and Green that I’m absolutely loving at the moment. I think number 2 has to be my Hydrangea bedding set from Wallace cotton. The quality is absolutely incredible and it’s so soft! Finally, I’d have to say my coffee station that we built ourselves. Again, we just love that personal touch.

Homebirds Coffee Station

VD: So, you’re both moving soon? What're the new places like? Are you switching up the style or sticking to the Homebirds look we all know and love?


HB: (Emma) Honestly, the new place is going to be a home away from home. I’m drawn to the same colours and textures and that’s what makes me feel most cosy and comfortable in my own space. I think homeliness is always the most important factor you should keep in mind when designing your new home.

(Laura) For me, the next home will be renovated with the intention to sell on, so you can expect plenty of thrifty ideas on a budget that we can share with our followers through the blog and Instagram. It works perfectly!


VD: We couldn’t have a chat with you without mentioning Instagram. What advice would you give to newer accounts? What tips would you give to anyone looking to grow their following?


HB: (Emma) I’ve had a good think about this and I’d have to say our top tip is don’t fall into the common Instagram trap of paying too much attention to other, much larger accounts and feeling inadequate about your own. It’s important to have fun or it will become a chore and will be unsustainable. As it happens we wrote a piece on the blog around this very subject. Check it out here -

Vaunt Design - Homebirds 

VD: So, the blog. It’s an incredibly useful resource for all things interiors related and so well put together. How’s it going and where do you see it going in a few years?


HB: We love doing the blog; sharing all our best home styling tips and money saving tactics. We want to continue growing our readership and make it the “go to” blog for anyone looking for affordable interior ideas. What we love most about our site is that it’s a shared platform for other interior fanatics to share their projects too. We often have guest bloggers and it just gives the page that extra dynamic. Head to to have a look through the blog now.

 Kicking back with the homebirds


VD: When we spoke with Emma last, she said you’re moving into interior styling/design? How’s that going and tell us a little about it…


HB: Yes we have found ourselves branching off into styling and design over this past year and loving every minute of it! We started out just offering help to our friends for free, but when we posted the digital mood-boards and virtual shopping lists, along with photographs of the finished results on Instagram, we started getting lots of messages and emails from people willing to pay for our services. We charge £150 per room and our service is mainly online, though a more ‘hands-on’ approach is available too. We basically offer tailor-made packages to fit with each client’s unique requirements. Anyone interested should email or call 07940564424.

Blue Faded Rug

 In shot - Ragori Blue Faded Rug (£110)

VD: So, finally, you guys have been huge brand advocates of ours over the last few months – thank you so much! We’d love to know what are your favourite 3 products in our range?


HB: Ooh this is so tough as we love them all! The bamboo blanket ladder would have to be in there, for both its versatility and rustic beauty. We could spend hours accessorising and styling this piece. The Loki wonky glass vase is also a favourite, purely because it’s so unusual and makes such a statement in any room. And last but not least, the quirky Lint concrete storage jars are an absolute must- have. Anyone who follows us will know how much we love styling a shelfie, and these beauties are a real scroll stopper whenever we post them perched on a rustic scaffold shelf on our feed. I also can’t wait for my new Stoker wood and metal bar stools to arrive as I know I’m going to fall in love!

 Vaunt Design Products

 Left - Quoc Handcarved ladder (£95) | Top Right - Loki Tall Wonky Glass Vase (£65) | Bottom Right - Lint Storage Jars, Set of 4 (£49)

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