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How can you not be drawn to the NY-inspired loft apartment design trend? Large, bright and airy rooms that retain the harsh fixtures and fittings of a buildings past that’s deeply rooted in production. The look equates to an effortlessly stylish and serene space that is unlike any other style of décor. 


Originating in the ’60s in New York, America; 'loft-living' was a style born out of necessity rather than a lust for the latest and greatest in décor trends. Ex-factory spaces were often occupied by artists and musicians, surviving on a meagre income. These warehouse style apartments were cheap, bright and spacious; everything the creative individual needed to prosper in the once manufacturing district of Soho, Manhattan.


Nowadays, loft interior design has taken on an entirely new form. Read on to discover our 6 tips on how to decorate a warehouse apartment.


  1. Retain as many original fittings as possible

 Warehouse style bathroom

As obvious as it may seem, it must be noted that the single most important part of decorating a warehouse apartment is the buildings original features. These include...


  • Original brick walls

  • Pillars and vents

  • Original windows

  • Original flooring (if condition is adequate)


Original brick walls are the first thing the eye is drawn too upon entering your warehouse apartment. Large expanses of brick set the tone immediately, underlining the look you are trying to achieve from the offset. If you’re lucky enough to have found a loft style apartment with original brick walls, ensure they are left well alone. If, however, you’re in the unlucky camp, there’s another method that needn’t cost the earth. “Brick slips” are relatively easy to install and are a much lighter version of the real thing.

We recommend paying a little more for real brick slips. Faux brick slips often look fake and can entirely hamper the look you’re trying to achieve. Remember - we’re looking for authentic warehouse décor here.

 Warehouse apartment kitchen

Image credit - Hunting for George


A true factory style living space should have original factory style windows fitted since day 1. Assuming you’re in this fortunate position, make the most of the natural light your warehouse apartment benefits from by keeping them unobstructed at all times.

In terms of styling, blinds are a better choice than curtains, portraying a cleaner, more minimalist look and allowing more light to get through when fully open.

Janet Hall wrote a great piece on factory style windows here where she talks in depth about the pro’s and cons on warehouse style windows. https://www.gardenista.com/posts/hardscaping-101-steel-frame-factory-style-windows-doors-pros-and-cons/



  1. Loft Style Lighting

Loft ceiling light

Epee Pendant Light

Assuming your new loft apartment is blessed with a plethora of original and authentic fixtures and fittings, you should consider your loft apartment lighting choices to be one of the first and most important choices you should nail down right from the get-go.

Your lighting choices not only alter the mood and feel of a space after dark but can have a dramatic effect on the look stylistically too.

Your 3 main options for warehouse apartment lighting are –


Concrete Pendant Lighting


Nothing screams “warehouse decor” more than concrete lighting. Concrete lighting is a raw and stylish form of loft apartment lighting that captures the look in its entirety. Ideal for edgy grunge bedrooms or sultry kitchens, concrete pendant lights offer a sense of style that most other styles of warehouse style lighting simply can’t achieve. To get the most from the concrete pendant lighting look, hang 2 or 3 over a breakfast bar to truly add a hefty dose of industrial-chic to your warehouse apartment kitchen. 

 Industrial Lamps

Shop the Denver floor lamp here 

Industrial metal lighting comes in various forms. Oversized dome-shaped lights are a great way to go as they not only look great but allow for a good spread of light across the room. Similarly, industrial-themed floor and table lamps are great for accenting a lonely corner of a room.

Bronze wire lampshade

Shop the Cu chi bronze wire lampshade here

The trend of mesh style ceiling lights is also taking the scene by storm. They look incredible and much like the domed versions, allow for a wide spread of light, keeping your space well-lit after dark.

Black rattan ceiling lamp


Nautical style lighting is the perfect complement to your warehouse apartment décor. By incorporating materials such as rope and natural wicker and rattan, this loft apartment lighting option adds a refined earthiness to a space.


  1. Neutral tones

Loft bedroom

 Image credit - Hunting for George

The very essence of warehouse interior design is its materials and colour palettes. It’s crucial that your warehouse interior has neutral tones running throughout to truly encapsulate the look. Metals, brick and concrete all have a similar thing in common in that they all conform to either neutral or earthy colour palettes so when accessorising your warehouse style apartment its crucial to keep this in mind. Decorate your warehouse apartment with a few of the following items to keep the colour balance on point.


Metal frame mirrors

Metal Frame Mirrors

Shop Metal Frame Mirrors Here


Metal frame mirrors not only offer bold industrial styling but can actually help to make your warehouse interior seem larger! Hang an oversized metal frame mirror at the end of a hallway to give off a perception of space or opposite a large window to help that beautiful natural light go even further.

Wooden Towel Ladders

Wooden towel ladders 

Towel ladders are becoming common ground in more and more homes these days due to their quirky designs. Where they can benefit the industrial loft apartment trend however is in their colour tones. Natural wood towel ladders make for the ideal way to add even more character to your warehouse interior whilst retaining colour continuity.


Concrete Home Accessories

Concrete side tableHodi Concrete Side Table 

We’ve already mentioned concrete pendant lights as a prime lighting solution to your warehouse interior design, so it’s only natural to carry the theme along with concrete home accessories. From concrete wall clocks to concrete tables; concrete planters to concrete vases, concrete home accessories not only look fantastic but stay true to the typical colour tones of warehouse interior design spaces.



  1. Open Plan Living

 Open plan living

Open plan living and warehouse apartment décor go hand in hand but there are a few pointers you could consider if you wish to take your open plan warehouse apartment up a few notches.


Broken plan

Similar to open plan; broken plan living combines the stylish aesthetic of open plan but allows for a little more separation through the use of ‘zones’.

Broken plan can be achieved through various clever design choices such as partitions in the form of bifold and sliding doors. Varying floor levels add a clear divide and even mixed lighting styles across the room impart a sense of privacy from one section to another.

If you want a clear sense of separation between your kitchen and living areas yet wish to retain the open plan nature of your warehouse apartment, think broken plan.


Double sided or central fireplaces

Open plan loft apartments, at times, can feel a little less cosy than their much more traditional box-room counterparts so a great way to add a serious dose of cosiness to your open plan warehouse apartment décor is by installing a double sided or central fireplace.

With double-sided fireplaces, not only are you fitting the rooms main talking point but now two rooms can feel the heat of your luxurious log burner. Similarly, a central log burner is a bold and beautiful design choice that truly sets a space apart.

Remember, fitting a log burner with a higher KW than 5, you will have to fit an extractor fan in the room by law (UK).


  1. Loft Style Furniture

 Adjustable bar stools

Louis Adjustable Bar Stools


A warehouse apartment is only as good as the décor and furniture that it's styled with. Warehouse interior design is an urban-inspired trend that must be accessorised with complementing home accessories.

If time permits - refurbishing old pieces of furniture is a great way to style your loft apartment. Refurbished chest of drawers and coffee tables not only add a rustic appeal to a space but are a great choice if you are looking to add a personal touch to your warehouse style home as well.

If, like for most of us, time plays a factor then you have to look towards buying new. Decorate your warehouse apartment with a selection of warehouse-style furniture that will compliment the look. Check out this selection of unique designs and think about how you can apply them to your warehouse style apartment.



By styling your home with earthy materials such as copper or beautifully crafted pieces like parquet coffee tables and open-faced shelving units, you’re adding character as well as functionality and turning a once industrial building into a homely space.

Check out our blog post where we cover our 8 best industrial bar stools


  1. Soften Hard Floors with Faded Vintage Rugs & Distressed Fabrics

 Faded vintage rug

Soho Faded Rug


Warehouse loft apartments can rarely be matched in terms of style, but due to many of the buildings featuring original hardwood floors, a warehouse-style home can, at times be lacking in comfort and cosiness. This is where you get to inject a little homeliness back into your warehouse apartment with complimentary soft furnishings.

Firstly, faded vintage rugs are the absolute first point of call. Ideal for living rooms and bedrooms, vintage rugs offer sophisticated styling and add a little cosiness underfoot. Remember to think carefully about colour, however – those raw metals and earthy brick walls are going to be better suited to neutral tones as opposed to bright and vibrant colours.


Round brass side table

Lotus Round Brass Side Table 

Similarly, don’t overlook the impact soft textiles and throws have on a space either. Distressed textiles or wool blanket throws make a great addition to any seating area and keep you cosy in the evening.

Loft interior design

If you’ve recently purchased your new ex-factory space with heaps of potential and you’re wondering how to decorate a warehouse apartment, we hope this has gone some way to help. Remember, the first and most important point is to keep as many of those original fittings as possible. Thereafter, think about accessorising with complimentary accessories such as warehouse style lighting, warehouse style furniture, metal frame mirrors and concrete home accessories paying close attention to the colour tones and ensuring continuity.

And finally, never lose sight of the fact that this is your home. You have to feel comfortable and at ease at all times so inject a little homeliness back into your space with complimentary faded vintage rugs and soft textiles.


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