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Urban industrial bar stools

The industrial trend is a décor style that’s popularity has soared over the last few years and shows no signs of diminishing any time soon.

By using raw, unrefined materials such as iron, wood and leather, achieving the look is far easier than most people believe and can be implemented in not only a stylish way but a comfortable, homely way too.

This blog post breaks down the various industrial bar stool options to enable you to pick the most suitable bar stool for your industrial-themed kitchen.


Industrial brass & copper bar stools


Industrial copper bar stool

Louis Copper Bar Stool

No materials, in our eyes, lend themselves better to the industrial trend than copper or brass. These materials boast a beautifully rustic element and are a great way to add an earthy splash of colour to an otherwise, fairly neutral colour palate.

To elevate the look further, pay a mind to compliment your brass and copper bar stools with other brass and copper features such as brass and copper pendant lights, door handles and utensils.


Industrial bar stools with backs

Wooden bar stools

Stoker Bar Stool

Those who value style and comfort in equal measure should look towards support when it comes to their kitchen bar stools of choice.

There is a plethora of industrial bar stools with backrests on the market that aim to strike a happy medium between the two factors.

From all metal frames to beautifully sculpted wooden seats like the Stoker bar stool (above), as the trend grows, the choice is becoming more and more varied.

No longer do you need to sacrifice comfort for style!

Click here to see more high back bar stools. 

Rustic wooden bar stools 

Rustic wooden bar stool

Weathered oak stool - Rose & Grey

If the all-metal bodied, distressed-style bar stool a little too industrial for your taste? Soften the look a little and opt for an all-wooden build.

These beautifully crafted bar stools seamlessly flirt between the rustic and industrial trends and can add a sense of homeliness to your décor.

From beautifully crafted to mango wood to rustic oak, these bar stools are the ideal choice for those looking to implement a more muted version of the trend.


Leather bar stools

Tan leather bar stool

The advantages of opting for leather bar stools are endless, especially when accessorised with the industrial-themed kitchen.

The rich reds and brown tones of leather pair perfectly with the industrial kitchen trend and the added benefit of a padded seat means comfort is not relinquished either.

Care should be taken when sourcing your new leather counter stools to ensure the quality of the stitching is up to standard, this will ensure your industrial leather bar stools will last as long as their metal and wooden counterparts.  


Adjustable bar stools

Wooden adjustable bar stools

Louis Black Bar Stool / Louis Pale Bar Stool 


Ergonomics is an overlooked term when it comes to kitchen bar stools, but it really shouldn’t be. By opting for a fully adjustable bar stool you allow for the ideal seating height regardless of the height of the person sitting at the counter.

These multifunctional bar stools are the only real option when it comes to kitchens that are designed with both bar-height and counter-height surfaces.  


Wire frame bar stools 

Black wire bar stool

Black wire bar stool

Striking a balance between the minimalist and industrial trends, wire frame bar stools offer all the tell-tale signs of the industrial trend whilst retaining a sleek and simple look.

With an array of styles on the market, largely making full use of either a low or high back design, these eye-catching bar stools can be pretty comfortable also, especially when accessorised with a removable padded seat.


Industrial counter stools

Industrial counter stool

In need of an industrial style stool but in a smaller form factor? You need a counter stool.

These smaller kitchen stools range between 60cm – 72cm in height and are ideal when paired with a standard-height kitchen surface (90cm).

Industrial counter stools are available in many of the same styles of their larger counterparts so expect to find plenty of rustic woods, raw metals, leathers and adjustable variants.


Wicker bar stools 

Rattan bar stools

Java Rattan Bar Stool 

In the eyes of many, wicker paints a picture of farmhouse, nautical and outdoor living. Wicker, however, is as versatile in its placement as it is in its use.

Wicker bar stools add a beautifully rustic element to an industrial themed kitchen and do a great job of breaking up its harsh aesthetic due to its much softer, natural material.

Wicker bar stools can also be a more comfortable choice due to the material’s natural elasticity.


Industrial bar stools – the final verdict

Industrial bar stools

Louis industrial bar stool

Industrial design is a trend close to our hearts. When implemented correctly it can be one of the most striking and beautiful styles in all of interiors, but a mind must be paid to day-to-day living.

Our 8 best industrial bar stools range from the supremely stylish to the cosy and comfy so before you take the leap, try to figure out what your priorities are and what kind of use you will be getting out of them.

If you’re at work, sat at the kitchen island for 4 hours of the day, you might want to opt for a padded bar stool or something with a backrest. If, however, you’ll be using them once a day, you might be able to justify that beautifully carved wood or distressed metal bar stool to help you achieve your fully realised, industrial sanctuary.

To view the bar stools featured in this post, click the link below. 

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