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Every home kitchen is different. From size to layout, kitchens can differ wildly from one to the next. There is, however, one common denominator that connects them all. A typical measurement found in nearly all kitchens that allow for the most optimal and ergonomic means in which to interact with the surroundings. That measurement is the height of the kitchen counter.

Baring only a few exceptions, the average bar height for most kitchens is 90cm (36 inches). This height allows for a comfortable and practical height to work at for the average height person. It’s also a fair compromise when it comes to comfortable seating.

Later in this post, we’ll delve a little deeper and explore the various styles of counter height stools for you to accessorise your new kitchen with but first, let’s look at the matter at hand - what is the correct bar stool height for a 90cm counter?


So, what is the ideal bar stool height for a kitchen island or counter? 

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The correct bar stool height for a 90cm counter is between 62cm and 72cm. These measurements will ensure you are high enough to eat and rest your arms in a natural position whilst allowing enough room for your legs to fit comfortably beneath.

Standard kitchen counter heights can vary by small margins so if your counter height is 2cm shorter than the accepted height of 90cm, simply reduce the bar stool heights by the same amount. So, for example, if your counter height is 88cm, the correct bar stool should be between 60cm and 70cm in height.

Another way to measure the ideal bar stool height for a kitchen island or counter is to measure the gap from the top of the bar stool to the underside of the counter. Ensuring this gap measures in at between 15cm - 25cm will seat you comfortably at the countertop whilst retaining enough room for your legs.


Bar stool size guide

Bar stool height guide


Bar stool styles and varieties 

Adjustable bar stool walnut

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Choosing the correct set of bar stools from the sheer amount of types and styles available can be daunting. Not least because when purchasing bar stools, more often than not you buy in sets of two’s, three’s and more. This often makes for a costly purchase and one you’ll want to get right first time.

From super-stylish industrial-inspired bar stools fit for the urban setting right the way through to sleek and stylish Scandinavian bar stools that portray sophistication through their minimalistic design, there really is a wealth of styles to choose from. 

In the second part of this article, we’ve broken down the common styles of bar stool for you to make an informed decision.


Rustic and industrial bar stools 

Industrial Copper Bar Stool

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Rustic and industrial-inspired bar stools make full use of raw and rugged materials to impart a bold and stylish aesthetic. From raw metal, hairpin style frames to rustic copper seats, these bar stools may not be industry-leading in terms of comfort but they most certainly get our vote for style.

Check out our blog post where we outline the 8 best industrial style bar stools.


Contemporary bar stools

contemporary bar stools

Image credit - ALL MODERN

Simple yet diverse in design, contemporary bar stools offer a style to suit everybody. Constructed from a plethora of materials such as wood, plastics and stainless and often mass-produced, this style of bar stool can often be found for cheaper prices than the more labour-heavy hand made wooden and stitched leather counterparts.


Bar stools with backrests

Walnut counter stools

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Backless or backrest – that is the question. Backless bar stools are often more minimal in their design and take up less space but if you’re planning on spending any more than a couple of hours per day sitting at the kitchen island or counter, you’re going to be better off with a backrest.


Adjustable bar stools

Gold swivel bar stool

SHOP - Louis Gold Swivel Counter Stool


Not only do adjustable bar stools take the headache out of the whole height problem, but they look fantastic too!

Adjustable bar stools are a sensible choice, especially where ergonomics is concerned. The height disparity between the members of a family can, at times, be significant - especially where children are concerned. Adjustable bar stools ensure each member is seated at the correct height intervals, neutralizing poor posture due to incorrect seating arrangements.


Minimalist/Scandinavian bar stools

Scandinavian bar stool

Image credit - do

Nobody does sophistication like the Scandinavians. ‘Scandi-style’ is a décor trend based on simplicity in design. Scandinavian style bar stools are often crafted from beautiful pale wood tones coupled with clean, minimalistic lines.

If you’re looking for a bar stool that’s happy to let it’s materials and elegant design speak for itself, look no further than the Scandinavian trend.


Mid-century bar stools

There’s a reason mid-century design never went anywhere, and that’s because of its unique and impactful design. Although the trend of mid-century bar stools varies wildly in their appearance, you can be sure with a little time spent searching, the perfect stools will eventually be found and achieving their role as the rooms main statement piece.


Rattan and wicker bar stools

rattan bar stool

Image credit - Cox and Cox

As the Bohemian or ‘boho’ home décor trend grows, rattan and wicker bar stools are becoming more popular by the day. Due to the handmade nature of these bar stools, they can often be fairly expensive. On the other hand, their multifunctionality is a huge selling point due to the fact that they can often be used indoor or outdoor.

Upholstered and padded bar stools

Tan leather bar stool


Similar to the backless v backrest debacle, padded bar stools shouldn’t be overlooked, especially when sustained periods of time are spent sitting at the kitchen island or counter.

Padded and upholstered bar stools can, at times, be bulky and take up a lot of space, especially when compared to their much sleeker wooden counterparts. This, however, is countered by supreme comfort, especially when equipped with a backrest.

Be wary of fabric colour. Light colours will, of course, stain. For a long-lasting and practical alternative – opt for leather.

To view the bar stools featured in this blog post, click the link below. 

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