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Kitchen Bar Stool Height Guidelines 

We know the feeling. That unnerving uncertainty you experience during the 10th time of measuring your kitchen’s breakfast bar, worrying that those beautiful new bar stools you’ve found are going to have to be sent back due to a miscalculation. Fear not kitchen dwellers - we have the definitive answer to your question.

In this article, we provide a comprehensive bar stool buying guide, but for now, let’s start with the main question in hand – how high should my bar stools be? For the quick answer, check out the bar stool size chart below.

Bar stool size chart 

Bar stool height chart

Counter height stool measurements 

Walnut Bar Stools

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The standard height for most counter height stools is between 65cm – 75cm. Ensure when pairing with a kitchen counter, the measurement from the top of the counter stool to the underside of the surface is between 15cm and 25cm.

For instance, if your kitchens surface height is 90cm (underside), ensure your kitchen stools measure in at between 65cm – 75cm.

Bar stool height measurements

Brass Bar Stool

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The standard height for most bar stools is between 75cm – 85cm. When pairing with a tall or commercial bar, ensure the measurement from the top of the bar stool to the underside of the surface is between 20cm – 30cm.

For instance, if your bar height is 105cm (underside), ensure your bar stools measure in at between 75cm – 85cm. 


Bar stool height for 90cm counter

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The standard height countertop for most domestic kitchens is 90cm. Look to pair with stools that are no less than 15cm and no more than 25cm from the top of the stool to the underside of the counter.

For instance, the correct bar stool height for a 90cm counter would measure in between 65cm and 75cm in height.


Bar stool spacing dimensions

Before you make your purchase, you should pay a mind to the correct spacing of your bar stools to prevent them from looking too overcrowded or too sparse. Moreover, bar stools positioned too closely together will mean you feel claustrophobic at the dinner table as well.

Space your bar stools 15cm apart as a minimum and no more than 40cm to achieve the optimum aesthetic and comfort.


Backless or backrest bar stools – which should you choose?

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Whether you’re relaxing with the family around the kitchen breakfast bar or catching up with emails whilst perched aside the kitchen counter, your kitchen stools should be there to keep you comfortable during prolonged periods of use.
Choosing the correct style of bar stool to provide the support you need depends on its usage.

Professionals that work from home whilst seated at the countertop for sustained periods should opt for a backrest. A backrest will aid good posture due to an upright, more ergonomic seating position. It will also provide a little more comfort during long sessions. If, however, your daily bar stool usage consists of an evening meal alone, a backless bar stool will more than suffice.


Hard vs comfortable bar stools

Industrial leather bar stool

The biggest difference between hard and comfortable bar stools is often the appearance. Soft squidgy stools are comfortable over prolonged periods but can so often look a little bulky and cumbersome in the home.

Hard bar stools (often wooden) can look far sleeker, minimalistic and more stylish but can become uncomfortable after a while. It’s a trade-off.

Roughly define your daily usage and go from there. For a couple of hours per session and over, opt for a padded version. For anything less, you should be fine with a wooden bar stool.


Bar stool legroom dimensions

If your breakfast bar is hollow underneath, you have nothing to worry about here – skip to the next point. If, however, you have a solid wall beneath the surface you may want to read on.

To maintain sufficient space beneath the bar or countertop for your legs to rest comfortably, aim to leave between 30cm – 35cm from the front of the bar stool to the upright where your knees will rest. Ensure if you are designing your own breakfast bar to leave a similar amount of space from the upright to the tip of the kitchen surface. Any less than a 30cm gap will mean you will have to sit further back, away from the action.


You’re all set!

Walnut adjustable stool

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By now you should be well equipped to confidently purchase your selection of beautiful new bar stools. Head over to our website now and browse our carefully curated collection of handmade stools. Alternatively, if you need more information of bar stool options, check out our blog post - Bar stool types and styles – the ultimate guide.

To view the bar stools featured in this blog post, click the link below. 

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