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Modern Moroccan Decor Ideas

Traditional vs White Moroccan Décor

There is nothing more lustful than Moroccan décor. Its ambient lanterns, enchanting mosaics, mystical doorways and sumptuous textiles have been a source of inspiration for home stylists for decades.  As with most interior trends, Moroccan décor can be interpreted in many ways.  From the traditional riad; with patterned textiles and bright coloured accessories in abundance, to the modern white Moroccan décor seen in high-end hotels.

It is this latter interpretation that we refer to as modern Moroccan décor. This fusion of tradition and minimalism upholds the enchanting characteristics associated with Marrakech with a sleeker, refined finish.

Recreating the modern Moroccan décor style is simply choosing the right combination of accessories such as lighting, lanterns, textiles, trellis screens and tiles and incorporating them into each of your Moroccan themed rooms.

Main image courtesy of @laurakinterior

Moroccan Pendant Lights

Moroccan style pendant light in kitchen

Image courtesy of Zoco Home

Think of Marrakesh and you cannot help but think of the abundance of wall lights, lamps and pendants on offer in the bazaars. Many boast bold bright colours, reds, yellows, and oranges in gaudy fabrics and gold trimmings. For the modern Moroccan style lighting, look for oversized versions, perforated and decorative metals that allow pinpricks of light through, or wire mesh pendants and wall lights.

Pierced Metal Moroccan Pendant Lights

Moroccan pendant lights

Kerala Moroccan Pendant Small / Medium / Large 

Often beautifully decorative, this style of modern Moroccan light can also be very minimal when styled right. Although many feature intricate designs achieved through a series of holes, etches and embossing, their overall appearance can be refined and contemporary; the very essence of your modern Moroccan style home.

Large Moroccan Pendant Lights

Modern white Moroccan décor draws inspiration from the clean minimalism of Scandinavian design, where large statement pieces feature heavily. Going oversized and being bold in your choice of Moroccan ceiling light will create a Moroccan styled interior with very little effort and helps keep your space airy and clutter-free.

Moroccan Style Ceiling Lights – Wire Mesh

Bronze wire lampshade

Cu Chi Moroccan Pendant Light, Medium / Large 

A modern interpretation of Moroccan pendant lighting is the popular cage or beehive light shade.  You will find these in a variety of sizes, shapes and colours, and they are a great addition to a Moroccan style interior. Aim for earthy colours such as rusts, reds and browns which will compliment the rest of your Moroccan style interior.  

Modern Moroccan Hanging Lanterns

Moroccan lanterns

Shop Moroccan lanterns and accessories

Following lighting, a common décor accessory that is great for creating a Moroccan themed room is Moroccan style hanging lanterns. There is an abundance of lantern styles available; wall-hanging, floor standing, square, octagonal, brass, chrome, solar or oil, but for those wanting modern Moroccan décor, stick to metal framed lanterns in neutral colours; black, brass, gold and nickel.

Combining large and small versions of the same style is great for floor standing lantern arrangements, whilst hanging Moroccan candle lanterns around a central seating area will create a Moroccan themed courtyard that is both minimal and traditional. 

Modern Moroccan Themed Living Room Accessories

Moroccan Living Room

Image courtesy of @laurakinterior

To successfully create a Moroccan themed living room, thought must be put in to choosing the right accessories. Whilst traditional Moroccan decor screams colour and embellishment, it is still possible to accessorise your home whilst maintaining a minimal ‘white Moroccan’ theme. 

Moroccan Pouffes

Moroccan living room accessories - pouffes and ottomans

Floor cushions, ottomans and pouffes are abundant throughout Morocco and are a great way to recreate the laid-back atmosphere in your own home. Keep your interior modern by choosing white and neutral colours that incorporate subtle North African patterns.

Modern Moroccan Mosaic Tiles

Moroccan style wall tiles

Image courtesy of Wiseman and Gale Interiors

Tiles are an essential element in Moroccan design and they are used extensively both inside and out. These incredibly versatile gems are perfect for creating a modern Moroccan home and there is a barrage of styles, colours, patterns and textures to choose from. Of course, many will be heavily patterned but with some shopping around you can uncover stripped-back styles that will be right at home in your Scandi-Moroccan haven.

It’s perfectly acceptable to inject some colour with tiles but keep the rest of the room neutral to counteract it. Similarly, keep patterns to one specific area such as the floor or wall panel, blending them with plainer tiles elsewhere.

Finally, don’t overlook tiles as being for the Moroccan style bathroom or kitchen only. Tabletops, doorframes, even courtyards can all be beautifully styled with these versatile items.

Invest in a Moroccan Room Divider

Moroccan screen and room divider

Amber Carved Wood Room Divider Screen - Urban Outfitters

Used throughout Morocco for both practical and decorative purposes, screens and panelling are an unusual addition to a Moroccan themed home. Free-standing screens are great for creating a partition in larger rooms, allowing you to create cosy reading corners, mini hallways, play areas, or a hidden storage area. They can be used to great effect outside too, arranging a series of modern Moroccan screens will create a Moroccan style garden retreat that takes minimal effort or upkeep.

If full-length screens are too imposing, or you simply don’t have space, modern Moroccan panels are a great alternative. Complement your natural architecture by pairing them with archways and architraves, or simply mount them on the wall as wall art. Radiator covers, headboards, ceiling tiles and door panels are all great ways to incorporate this style throughout your home.

Since Moroccan screens can be incredibly decorative, balance this by keeping the rest of the room simple and minimal. Select neutral colours and painted screens over dark woods, or even opt for a metal panel to reflect the modern Moroccan theme.

Moroccan Textile Essentials - Modern Moroccan Rugs

Moroccan rug grey

Brooklyn Moroccan rug

We can’t write about Moroccan décor without mentioning textiles; cushions, curtains, rugs and floorcoverings. Bright colours and layering are essential elements of this interior theme, so how do you use these when decorating in the modern Moroccan style?

Concentrate on the pattern over colours, neutral and dusty tones are great for the white Moroccan trend, and be sure to concentrate on textures and patterns to reflect the rest of your theme. If you want to inject a splurge of colour into your Moroccan themed interior, textiles and fabrics are the best way to do so. Small pockets of bright colour can be counteracted by an otherwise neutral and minimal interior.

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